Paisano Cafe’s Dinner Menu.

Moles. From the Nahuatl “molli” which means a stone ground sauce.

  • Grilled Chicken Breast. 8oz chicken breast smothered in homemade mole sauce (choose from 4 below) served with Mexican rice and refried beans.  $ 9.95
  • Enmoladas. Rolled enchiladas stuffed with cheese or shredded chicken smothered with your favorite mole sauce, Mexican rice and refried beans. $ 8.75
  1. Mole Negro.  Chichilo pepper and tomatillo mole sauce with a smoky taste and a hint of ash.
  2. Mole Poblano. A not so sweet ajillo pepper mole sauce with traditional ingredients and a touch of Oaxaca chocolate.
  3. Mole Verde o Pipian. Toasted pumpkin seeds and tomatillo mole sauce with a hint of hoja santa (root beer plant)
  4. Mancha Manteles. Sweet pineapple, red apples, fried plantain and a wonderful choice of spices make this mole a great and unique experience
  • 3 Cheese Chicken. A butterflied chicken breast filled with sautéed spinach, onion and tomatoes topped with a three cheese sauce served on a bed of chipotle sauce with thin fries. $ 8.50
  • Penne Poblano.  Sautéed chicken, poblano pepper strips, roasted corn, red onions and white wine cream sauce.  $ 9.25
  • Zucchini Flower Pasta. Sautéed pasta with a creamy white wine and zucchini flower sauce, topped with grilled chicken breast $ 9.25   with jumbo Shrimp $ 14.50
  • Chiles en Nogada. Ground beef, dried fruit, pecans, pine nuts and raisin stuffed Poblano peppers covered in a  cold walnut and goat cheese sweet sauce topped with pomegranate seeds or syrup (seasonal), a Mexican revolution classic.  $12.50
  • Beer Battered Tilapia. A tilapia filet dipped in beer batter and fried served with a Jicama salad and grilled veggies.  $ 9.00
  • Paisano fish. Pan seared white fish filet smothered in green chile and sun dried tomato mojo, and a side of white rice and black beans.   $ 10.95
  • Pescado Poblano.  Fresh pan fried tilapia smothered with poblano pepper sauce, roasted corn and sun dried tomatoes served with Mexican rice. $ 9.25
  • Caper Tequila Lime Shrimp Fettuccine.  Sautéed shrimp, capers, red onion, fettuccine and our house lime tequila sauce.  $11.25


All  following plates served with a dinner salad and your favorite house dressing

  • Tampiqueña. Grilled arrachera (inside skirt) steak topped with green chile strips, Spanish rice, guacamole and epazote refried beans.  $16.00
  • New York  Blue. Sliced grilled New York steak topped with sliced sautéed Portobello mushrooms, chunks of blue cheese and balsamic syrup, served with au gratin potatoes and blanched asparagus.  $21.00
  • El Migñon a la Truffa. Grilled 6oz. Beef tenderloin topped with red wine and corn truffle sauce, au gratin potatoes and blanched asparagus.  $ 21.00    (or try black mole sauce)
  • Costilla BBQ. Baby back ribs cooked 2 ways with a tangy tamarind chipotle glaze served with stuffed baked potato. Half rack.  $14.00  Full rack. $19.75
  • Jerusalem Picante.  Grilled dried chile rub chicken breast slices over fettuccine Alfredo, with sautéed artichoke hearts. $ 15.50
  • Chicken Tuscano. Grilled chicken breast topped with a creamy white wine, roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes and basil béchamel sauce served on a bed of pasta.  $15.75
  • Panela Chicken.  Chicken breast stuffed with corn and Panela cheese, covered with a Poblano pepper sauce.  Served with Mexican rice and boiled broccoli. $15.75
  • West Salmon. Grilled dried chile rubbed salmon served over Spanish saffron rice, topped with a black beans and roasted corn relish $ 17.00
  • Salmon al Pipian.  Grilled salmon served over white rice, topped with toasted sunflower seeds green mole sauce and blanched asparagus.  $ 17.00
  • Vodka Dill Salmon.  Pan seared salmon topped with a creamy vodka, lime and dill volute sauce, au gratin potatoes and blanched asparagus.  $ 17.50
  • Gambas al Coco.  Panko coconut breaded jumbo shrimp smothered with sweet and spicy Jamaica flower sauce served with mango-jicama guacamole and white rice. $ 19.50
  • Paisano Shrimp.  Sautéed jumbo shrimp in green chile and sun dried tomato mojo, Served with a side of white rice and black beans.  $19.50
  • Aztec Shrimp. Mushroom stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and smothered with black mole sauce, served with rice and grilled cactus pico. $ 20.50
  • Achiote Swordfish. Grilled achiote honey glazed swordfish with escabeche red onion, cucumber and sun dried tomatoes summer relish, served with au gratin potatoes. $ 16.00