Paisano Cafe’s Lunch Menu

Entradas / Appetizers

Queso Fundido.  Melted 3c heese style fondues style with your choice of chorizo, green chile or mushrooms.

Cazuela de Guacamole.  Fried corn tortilla basket, filled with fresh homemade guacamole and refried black beans.

Mezcla de Hongos.  Sauteed mixed mushrooms in Guajillo sauce.

Quecas.  Homemade corn quesadillas stuffed with your choice of Jamaica flower, zucchini blossom or Cuitlacoche.

Caldos / Soups

Caldo Tlalpeno.  Chicken broth with pulled chicken, chick peas, rice, chipotle, carrots, avocado and panela cheese. Only per Bowl.

Soup of the day.  Cup or bowl


Salads and Greens.

  • Tijuana Twisted Cesar. Crisp Romaine lettuce, tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing served over a parmesan cheese crust.  7.75 add grilled chicken
  • Pecan Crusted Chicken.  Served over mixed greens, sweet mandarin oranges, tajin garapiñado pecans, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumb’s and homemade raspberry vinaigrette.  
  • The Paisano Cobb.  Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, avocado, boiled egg, green chile strips and blue cheese crumbles, served over mixed greens.  
  • Acapulco Shrimp Salad.  Boil shrimp over mixed greens, palmetto, tomato, red onions, cilantro and avocado vinaigrette.
  • Beef Arrachera Salpicon. Grilled flank steak tossed with fresh lettuce, red onion, black olives, sliced tomato, sliced mushrooms, sliced avocado, sheered mix cheeses and oregano lime dressing.  
  • Greek Salad.  Red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, black olives, green bell peppers, feta cheese, oregano and olive oil.

Wraps The San Francisco way of doing burritos. All served with your choice of homemade thin fries or mixed greens.

  • Paisano Wrap.  Shredded chicken or beef fajitas with lettuce, onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, melted asadero cheese, avocado, Mexican cream and our signature chipotle mayonnaise.
  • Wrappers Delight.  Sliced turkey, mixed greens, pecans, sliced apples and sweet sour cream cranberry dressing.  
  • Veggie Wrap. Hummus, lettuce, portobella mushrooms, strawberries, avocado with our sweet and sour sauce in a warm whole wheat tortilla.
  • B L T CH. Smoked crisp bacon, fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sheered chicken and your favorite cheese, all mixed together with our signature balsamic vinaigrette.  

Entre Panes. (Sandwiches) All served with your choice of French fries, sweet potatoes fries, house salad or a cup of soup of the day.

  • Pepito de Arrachera.  Chopped grilled sirloin, refried beans, sheered asadero cheese, sautéed red onions, green chile guacamole and chipotle ranch dressing.  
  • Café Club. Layers of chicken breast,  ham, bacon, cheese, avocado, veggies and house chipotle ranch dressing.   
  • Torta Cubana.  Pulled pork, ham, asadero cheese, avocado and veggies. All inside a Mexican telera bread.  
  • Portobella Burger Grilled homemade beef patty topped with sliced Portobello on ajillo sauce, provolone cheese, and fried onion strings.  
  • Guacamole Burger Grilled homemade beef patty topped with asadero cheese, house guacamole, bacon and cilantro aiole.  
  • OJ Burger. Grilled homemade beef patty topped with sautéed mushrooms, green chile,  chopped bacon, asadero cheese and sliced avocado.

Lunch Plates

Moles. From the Nahuatl “molli” which means a stone ground sauce.

  • Grilled Chicken Breast. 8oz chicken breast smothered in homemade mole sauce (choose from 4 below) served with Mexican rice and refried beans.
  • Enmoladas. Rolled enchiladas stuffed with cheese or shredded chicken smothered with your favorite mole sauce, Mexican rice and refried beans.
  1. Mole Negro.  Chichilo pepper and tomatillo mole sauce with a smoky taste and a hint of ash.
  2. Mole Poblano. A not so sweet ajillo pepper mole sauce with traditional ingredients and a touch of Oaxaca chocolate.
  3. Mole Verde o Pipian. Toasted pumpkin seeds and tomatillo mole sauce with a hint of hoja santa (root beer plant)
  4. Mancha Manteles. Sweet pineapple, red apples, fried plantain and a wonderful choice of spices make this mole a great and unique experience
  •  Enchiladas.  A Rolled corn tortilla stuffed with cheese or shredded chicken smothered with your favorite sauce, rice and black beans.
  •  The Five Enchiladas Plate.  Your stuffing, green or red sauce topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, Mexican cream and cotija cheese. 
  • Our 3 Cheese Chicken.   A butterflied chicken breast filled with sautéed spinach, onion and tomatoes topped with a three cheese sauce served on a bed of chipotle sauce with thin fries.  
  • The  fish. Pan seared Mahi Mahi fish smothered with your choice sauce (Paisano Sauce, green chile and sundried tomato, onion and garlic; Poblano Sauce, sautéed poblano pepper strips, roasted corn, onions and white wine cream sauce or  Mulato Mushrooms sauce).  All served with rice and beans.
  • Chiles en Nogada.   One of the most traditional   plates of Mexican cuisine.  Ground beef, dried fruit, pecans, pine nuts, and raisin stuffed Poblano peppers covered in a cold walnut  and goat cheese sweet sauce topped with pomegranate seeds or syrup (seasonal), a Mexican revolution classic.
  • Roasted and cilantro pesto marinated vegetables Lasagna.
  • Caper Tequila Lime Shrimp Fettuccine.  Sautéed shrimp, capers, red onion, fettuccine and our house lime tequila sauce.  
  • Pasta al gusto (built your own pasta).  Sauteed fettuccine or penne pasta with your choice of house sauce.  Top with grilled chicken breast, medium shrimp or jumbo shrimp. Sauces :  Zuccini blossom, Roasted Poblano peppers and white wine creamy sauce, Cuitlacoche and corn sauce,  Mulato pepper mushrooms sauce, Sun dried tomatoes in a white wine creamy sauce.



  • Carne asada.  Marinated grilled sirloin, guacamole, grilled onions and chile jalapeno toreado.
  • Alambre.  Chopped grilled sirloin, bacon, bell peppers, chopped mushrooms, chopped onion and cheese.
  • Paisano.  Grilled sirloin, chile strips, sliced mushrooms and cheese.
  • Tacos Dorados de Pollo.  Traditional shredded chicken tacos with lettuce, tomato, cotija cheese and Mexican cream.
  • Carnitas.  Pork, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cilantro and avocado.
  • Tilapia Fish Tacos.  Chipotle mayonnaise, shredded cabage, jicama, pico de gallo and avocado.