Las Cruces Restaurant Valentine´s Day Deals

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Las Cruces Valentine´s Day  Special February 14, 2013 1st. Course.- Smoked salmon croquettes or Empanadas criollas. 2nd. Course.- Garlic cream soup or a Mango salad. 3rd. Course- (Choice of one) a) Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with Mexican ricotta cheese (Requeson) and Serrano chile wrapped in dough puff pastry served with mango salsa and Serrano lima salsa b) Stuffed Poblano pepper with pickled shrimp with a dry tortilla strips and beet vinaigrette. c) Tamarind glazed pork loin, served with wild rice, sprout salad...

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Mediterranean style fettuccini with sauté lobster

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Only for $ 22.00 from today to Saturday 8/15 – 8/18 2012

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Valentine Special 2012

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Here is our Valentine Special for Tuesday!! See you soon  

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Special for the Week-Las Cruces Rastaurant

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Grilled Vegatables Cilantro Pesto Lasagna

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Panela Chicken Breast

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Chicken Breast stuffed with corn and panela cheese, covered with poblano pepper sauce – Served with mexican rice and boiled broccoli.

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Weekend Special

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Come Join us on Pistachio Crusted Salmon glaze with homey lime. Served Today, Friday and Saturday. Only at Paisano Cafe Restaurant in Las...

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